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Annual Report 2018–2019

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2019 Annual Review

Use of library collections is continuing to increase, both in our print and electronic collections. In particular, our physical collection use is very robust. When compared to our peer institutions, we have the smallest budget for materials but we are 5th in our circulation of physical library materials. This demonstrates the deep collaborations our subject liaison librarians have with faculty that results in highly relevant collection purchases.

Total physical library circulations (books
and media)

Interlibrary loan continues to be heavily used with 938 loans received for our patrons and 693 items provided to other libraries. The amount borrowed for our patrons has remained largely consistent from last year, but we are lending more to other libraries. Since interlibrary loan is a cooperative arrangement between libraries, we make every attempt to loan items to other libraries to help bring our lending and borrowing numbers to a more equal level.

Goals and Accomplishments

Report progress on goals identified in last year’s report.

LLS Goal 4: Remove Barriers to Access and Improve Efficiencies

2. Summarize department and faculty highlights. (Provide a brief account of this year’s significant happenings and department accomplishments. Include faculty recognitions, honors, publications, presentations, etc.)

Dianne Aldrich:
Presented a poster session on integrating information literacy throughout the GE Curriculum at Library Instruction West Conference, Summer 2018. Currently working on an article submission focusing on the future of academic libraries.

Eva Sanchez:
Received Mini Trailblazer award in May 2019.

Cathy Barber:
Received the Mini Trailblazer award in December 2018.


Katie Strubel—Semester abroad in South Korea Fall 2019. Being a library student worker made it possible for her to build her social network and pursue areas of special interest.

Denali Lathrop is from Alaska and the library has provided her both a second home as an employee and a student. She provided crucial and reliable support to the interlibrary loan staff. She has also been an exceptional leader among other student workers.

Casey Banner—was honored with the LGBTQ Distinguished Graduate award and Latin honors. He was also nominated for student of the year for the College of Education and received the AmeriCorps Student Education Award.

Cadence Summers—Officer of the Sigma Tau Delta honors program through the English Department. Cadence wrote a mock grant for the Special Collections department and she has processed over 77 boxes of archival photo diaries and photographs for the Kardas family. She is planning to go on to a Master’s degree program in library science after her undergraduate degree is complete.

Our student employees come from a variety of backgrounds and situations. Students that have jobs in the library have more exposure to our faculty and staff. This provides mentoring opportunities and this encouragement has helped some of our students to stay in school when classes are difficult and intimidating. The library also provides mini de-stress days and parties to celebrate the hard work of our student workers. This builds morale and confidence which is directly related to student satisfaction at work and at Dixie State. The extensive training and projects the students receive and work on exponentially grow their critical thinking and organizational skills. The benefit of these skills is evident through their improved performance in class and it makes them more competitive in the job market once they graduate from Dixie State.

Department Effectiveness

11. Conduct SWOT Analysis—Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats (Identify internal strengths and weaknesses, and external opportunities and threats. Analysis of facilities, resources, administration/staff, budgets, outside influences, competition and stakeholder satisfaction.)


Chair’s Response—Planning for the Future

12. Based on the above data, list specific goals your department will target to accomplish during the coming academic year. Note: In next year’s report, follow up reporting on these goals will be covered in #1 and #2 as in this report.

In the year ahead, public services will work on goals that are intended to strengthen student engagement and have a positive impact on retention. By providing an online reservation system for study rooms, students can ensure that a private room for group projects has been set aside for their use during their chosen time frame.

Strategy: Re-evaluate, document and revise internal policies, procedures, and guidelines.
Strategy: Implement reservation system for study rooms.
Strategy: Develop one library program each semester