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Annual Report 2018–2019

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2019 Annual Review

Department Name: Technical Services

College Name: Library & Learning Services

Department Head: David Zielke

Department Mission Statement (required for NWCCU):
In accordance with the vision statement of Dixie State University and the mission of the Dixie State University Library, Technical Services provides competent acquisition, processing, cataloging, and access for all library materials and resources (except Special Collections and Archives) necessary to facilitate research and enhance the curriculum and programs of Dixie State University.

Goals and Accomplishments

Report progress on goals identified in last year’s report.

LLS Goal 2: Expand Resources and Enhance Services

Strategy: Increase library materials budgets. See Appendix A

Strategy: Re-evaluate and revise internal policies, procedures, and guidelines.

LLS Goal 4: Remove Barriers to Access and Improve Efficiencies

Strategy: Create collection reports detailing titles, publication dates, usage, date of purchase, etc.

Strategy: Redesign webpages for user experience

Strategy: Evaluate the outdated and obsolete library Integrated Library System

Strategy: Compare and analyze different ILSs capable of supporting the library

Strategy: Increase accessibility and discoverability of collections

2. Summarize department and faculty highlights. (Provide a brief account of this year’s significant happenings and department accomplishments. Include faculty recognitions, honors, publications, presentations, etc.)

David Zielke:
Attended the United States Patent and Trademark Office training for Patent and Trademark Resource Centers 7–10 April 2019. Because of budget freezes and other factors, the library did not receive notification of acceptance or denial of PTRC status, but was placed on hold last year. The library has been notified that those libraries who continued attending training were more likely to receive PRTC status this year, but will not be notified until after October 2019. He was nominated for Dixie State University Staff Member of the Year, but was not a finalist. Due to new definitions by ACRL, he reassigned all Perstacks items back to Stacks this year. He attended the Utah state STEM Librarians Boot Camp on behalf of the library, and attended the Utah Library Association Conference in May 2019. He served on the DSU Rank, Tenure and Promotion Committee for a third year, and has been assigned to become the first Chair of the new Intermediate Review for Rank, Tenure and Promotion Committee for 2019–2020. He has completed Diversity Advocate training for hiring committees and served on at least one hiring committee as the Diversity Advocate.

Brookanna Alford:
She has implemented the running of a report of every single item in the collection and how many times it was used (both checked out and in house). The list is divided up by liaison and make it available to the librarians, and they use it for weeding and collection development. She has also implemented the running of a list of every item that has been used in the last semester, and compare its total use against the previous semester’s list. This gives the library liaison’s a good basis for determining the number of items in a particular subject, how old the collection is, and how much items are being used. This information will also be useful to librarians preparing collection analyses for new programs.

Andrea Smerud:
She started working for Technical Services 16 February 2019 after our previous Acquisitions Paraprofessional resigned November 2018. She had previously worked in the library as a Circulation Supervisor. She has received basic training for her position, such as acquisitions, processing, and vendor networking. She has implemented a new way of sorting gift library materials for the liaisons for final decisions on retention, as well as tracking gift donations. She has completed a project for updating the library holdings in Current Periodicals, as well as updating the tracking of Periodical receiving, retention, and discarding.

3. Complete the table below for faculty (excluding adjuncts) as of May 2019, then provide adjunct information below the table.

Name and Degree Tenure Status

T = Tenured

TT = Tenure Track

NTT = Non Tenure Track

Rank Faculty FTE Released Time in Credit Hours
David Zielke, MLIS T Librarian 1 na
Caleb Ames, MSIS T Associate Librarian 1 na

Staff Information:

Department Effectiveness

10. Please add any other performance data you might like to include here that will help inform an accurate snapshot of your department.

Acquisitions: Received, processed, and cataloged a large collection of music library materials previously kept in the Music Department. Over a thousand items were added to the collection, including several scores and audio compact discs. Also, several other gift collections were accepted by the library and processed through Technical Services. A student office area was created as a work space for our Work Study students.

Processing: Responsibility for packaging, processing, and labeling was transferred from Public Services to Technical Services to optimize work spaces and time, plus create clear area divisions in the library with appropriate oversite by librarians. Because of the transfer, Technical Services was able to be scheduled with work study students to help with the processing of materials this year. Their tasks included sorting, searching for duplicates in stacks, packaging and labeling.

Cataloging: Tracey O’Kelly from Special Collections has received significant training in cataloging this year, including her taking a six week cataloging course and attending with David Zielke an RDA update training webinar in May. This allows for cross-training of staff in key areas. The library has started weeding out the VHS video and audio cassette collections.

Number cataloged

Access: The library’s web page has been updated, and the library’s Integrated Library System was upgraded twice to bring it up to the current release after several years of being out of date.

Bindery: Responsibility for the Bindery was transferred to Technical Services, and Interlibrary Loan processing was transferred to Public Services.

Inventory: Brookanna Alford completed an inventory of the entire physical library materials collection. Several disc videos and other items were identified as missing last year with a value of approximately $3,000 and these items were replaced and/or discarded this year.

Of 135,616 physical items:

11. Conduct SWOT Analysis—Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats (Identify internal strengths and weaknesses, and external opportunities and threats. Analysis of facilities, resources, administration/staff, budgets, outside influences, competition and stakeholder satisfaction.)


Chair’s Response—Planning for the Future

12. Based on the above data, list specific goals your department will target to accomplish during the coming academic year. Note: In next year’s report, follow up reporting on these goals will be covered in #1 and #2 as in this report.

LLS Goal 2: Expand Resources and Enhance Services

Strategy: Increase library materials budgets. See Appendix A

Strategy: Re-evaluate and revise internal policies, procedures, and guidelines.

LLS Goal 4: Remove Barriers to Access and Improve Efficiencies

Strategy: Redesign webpages for user experience

Strategy: Increase accessibility and discoverability of collections

TS Goal 1: ACRL Metrics Comparison to peers
TS Goal 2: Assess accessibility of library resources and determine a baseline

Appendix A:
2017 DSU Library Total Materials Expenses

Comparative Materials Expense Budget DSU Library
DSU with UALC Funded Resources $215,010
DSU without UALC Funded Resources $159,166
National Average Associate’s $149,360
National Average Bachelor’s $497,204
National Average Master’s $702,765
One-time Physical Materials Purchases
DSU $26,143
National Average Associate’s $31,697
National Average Bachelor’s $105,409
National Average Master’s $113,342
Ongoing Commitments to Subscriptions
DSU $181,440
National Average Associate’s $82,465
National Average Bachelor’s $370,101
National Average Master’s $557,946