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Booking Rooms/Areas in the Library

  1. Booking Library Conference Room & Classroom
    1. The library can schedule the 234 computer classroom and the 357 conference room in the Holland Centennial Commons (HCC) for classes and groups/departments on campus.
    2. To book the classroom or conference room, a request can be sent by email or phone call to the Library & Learning Administrative Specialist at 435-652-7710. Or, a request can be submitted via the online EMS booking system. If it is less than 24 hours before the booking, a request must be made directly to the Administrative Specialist.
    3. To schedule any other classroom, event area, conference room, or front lobby contact Central Scheduling or make the request through the virtual EMS booking system.
    4. Please see the separate Study Room guidelines for information on study rooms.
  2. Bookings Outside Normal Library Hours
    1. The Holland Centennial Commons Committee has made the decision to not allow events or bookings outside of normal library hours. Appeals for exceptions must be made through the Sponsorship Committee. Contact Central Scheduling to begin the process. If approved, the responsible group must make arrangements with Campus Security to provide security for the event at an hourly charge.
  3. HCC 234 Computer Classroom
    1. This classroom’s main use is for library instruction. Other groups or classes may book this room up to 5 times per semester per campus organization/group or class section.
  4. HCC 357 Conference Room
    1. This conference room is available for groups/departments on campus to schedule. Classes cannot be held in this room. It is only available between 8:00 AM–5:00 PM Monday–Friday.
  5. 1st and 2nd floor lobbies
    1. The Holland Centennial Commons Committee has approved usage for the 1st and 2nd floor lobbies of the HCC building under the following guidelines:
      1. The only approved events in those spaces are tabling events and exhibits.
      2. Departmental requests only.
      3. Only during regular library hours.
      4. Nothing is to be scheduled in those lobbies during the first two weeks of school.
    2. If the organizer of an event wishes to move forward when not in compliance with these guidelines, an appeal may be submitted to the Sponsorship Committee. Please contact Central Scheduling to book this space or to start an appeals process.
  6. Booking Space for Community Organizations / Not Affiliated with DSU
    1. The Library is not allowed to schedule building space if a group is not affiliated with DSU. Please contact Central Scheduling for options.

Policy Owner: Dean, Library & Learning Services
Policy Steward: Library & Learning Services Administrative Specialist

Last update: August 29, 2019