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Distance Learning

  1. Distance Learning
    1. The library accommodates the educational and research needs of current distance education (DE) students through access to databases, instructional videos, articles, and books as well as other services.
  2. Purpose
    1. Dixie State University Library strives to provide resources and services that support the University distance learning community. These include access to a library that is “adequately supported and staffed to accomplish the institution’s objectives for student learning, both on campus and at a distance.” In addition, Dixie State University library recognizes the Access Entitlement Principle, as defined by the Association of College and Research Libraries’ (ACRL) Standards for Distance Learning Library Services:
      1. Every student, faculty member, administrator, staff member, or any other member of an institution of higher education, is entitled to the library services and resources of that institution, including direct communication with the appropriate library personnel, regardless of where enrolled or where located in affiliation with the institution. Academic libraries must, therefore, meet the information and research needs of all these constituents, wherever they may be.
    2. As part of that mission, the library aims to meet the needs of Distance Education students by meeting various Distance / Distributed Education support criteria defined by The Association of College and Research Libraries in 2008/2016:
      1. Providing access to adequate library services and resources. Members of the distance learning community are entitled to library services and resources equivalent to those provided for students and faculty in traditional campus settings.
      2. Instilling lifelong learning skills through general bibliographic and information literacy instruction. The library attempts to meet this need through its web presence, e-mail contact, and phone contact.
      3. Providing highly personalized library services to offset the lack of daily contact that on-campus students receive.
      4. Providing funding for ready and equivalent library service and learning resources to all students, regardless of location.
      5. Acting as a liaison between the library and other resources such as the help desk and student affairs.
      6. Assuring that distance learning library programs meet or exceed national and regional accreditation standards and professional association standards and guidelines, by conducting ongoing assessments and acting on those evaluations.
  3. Library and Tutoring Services
    1. Dixie State Library is committed to providing services to the University’s distance learning community that are equivalent to those available on campus. Services include, but are not limited to:
      1. Remote access to all of the Library’s electronic holdings, including databases and ebooks. (DSU’s username/password credentials required)
      2. Interlibrary Loan, available to current Dixie State University faculty, staff, or students only. Interlibrary loan requests must be generated through the WorldCat or Interlibrary Loan Service links on the library home page or one of the DSU’s databases. (DSU username/password credentials required)
      3. Reciprocal borrowing of resources at other Utah Academic Library Consortium (UALC) member institutions, available to current Dixie State University faculty, staff, or student only. (DSU ID card required)
      4. Timely assistance with reference questions using Mosio Chat/Text-a-librarian/phone
      5. Access to a Subject specific Librarian responsible for ensuring these resources and services
      6. Access to instructional material via Reference Guides
      7. Online tutoring for all subjects and courses tutored in the Writing Center and Academic Performance Center

Policy Owner: Dean, Library & Learning Services

Last update: September 3, 2019