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Gifts & Donations

  1. Gifts & Donations
    1. All donations to the Library & Learning Services are tax-deductible, and receipts are mailed out of the Development Office. Donors must complete the Donor Information Form for the donation to be accepted by the Library.
    2. The Library & Learning Services must get prior permission from the Development Office if the donation amount or appraisal amount is over $500. Donation contact: Library & Learning Services Administrative Specialist, 435-652-7710.
  2. Monetary Donations
    1. Monetary donations can be accepted through the Development Office. Donations are also accepted online.
    2. If you would like to discuss your donation in detail with the Dean of the Library & Learning Services please contact the administrative office directly at 435-652-7710.
  3. Gift-in-Kind Donations
    1. As stated in the Collection Development guidelines, the library encourages the donations of books, monographs and other materials and will accept items that support the curricular and research needs of the university. The library reserves the right to utilize donated materials in whatever way best benefits the collections and services. The library selectively adds gifts/donations to its collection based on its collection development policy.
    2. By direction of the IRS, the library cannot legally appraise gifts/donations for tax or inheritance purposes nor offer to pay for them when private persons tender them.
    3. Donated materials no added are returned to donor, if requested. Donors are responsible for retrieving materials not added if they have made the request to have them returned. Materials not added may also be disposed of by sale (with proceeds to benefit the library), gift, trade, recycled, or donated to other libraries or institutions.
    4. Generally, the library does not arrange for pick up of materials that are being donated.
    5. The donor will sign the Donor Information Form in order for the Library to accept the donation. If a tax-deductible receipt is desired, the Gift-In-Kind Donation Form will be sent to the Institutional Development office.
    6. Please see the Collection Development guidelines for additional information.

Policy Owner: Dean, Library & Learning Services

Last update: September 6, 2019