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Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

  1. Definition:
    1. Interlibrary loan is the process by which a library requests materials from, or supplies materials to, another library, through mail or electronic delivery, and when the requested materials are note held by the requesting library.
  2. Rules & Procedures
    1. Patrons with a DSU ID card entitling them to library privileges may use interlibrary loan services. (This includes all full and part time faculty, staff, and currently enrolled students).
    2. ILL requests are submitted by patrons through the automated interlibrary loan system (Tipasa). For assistance requesting material, patrons are referred to a librarian or other knowledgeable library staff that will assist them.
    3. Faculty/staff/students of participating UALC libraries are encouraged to use the ILL services of their own institutions.
    4. Community patrons and alumni do not have interlibrary loan privileges at DSU, but are encouraged to use the interlibrary loan services of their local library.
    5. Patrons must show a DSU ID or appropriate library card before receiving interlibrary loan materials.
    6. Interlibrary loan material will be entered into the students library account for tracking and accountability.
    7. Patrons must provide an email address and/or phone number in the interlibrary loan system in order to be notified when the requested materials are received. If no email address/phone number is available, it is the patron’s responsibility to check at the Circulation desk for arrival of the requested materials.
    8. Patrons may pick up physical interlibrary loan materials at the Library Circulation desk. A link to requested articles will be delivered electronically to the patron’s email account.
    9. Interlibrary loan patrons are responsible for:
      1. returning items on time
      2. any fines accrued for overdue materials at $1 per day up to a $25 maximum
      3. replacement and processing charges for lost or damaged items
      4. the processing fee once the book goes into lost status, even if they find the book and return it at a later date.
    10. If libraries outside of Utah charge a transaction fee, the charge may be passed on to the patron.
    11. There is a 20 item limit per person within any given time.
    12. Interlibrary loan services may be refused to anyone who abuses the privilege, e.g., books consistently returned late, damaged books, fees not paid, etc.
  3. Charges for interlibrary loan materials
    1. DSU faculty/staff/students are not charged for interlibrary loan materials, unless a user fee is assessed by the lending institution, or the materials are not returned or returned damaged and are assessed replacement and processing fees by the lending institution.

Policy Owner: Public Services Librarian
Policy Steward: Public Services Librarian

Last update: September 3, 2019