Dixie State University Library

Dixie State University
Library & Learning Services

Mission Statement

Dixie State University Library & Learning Services, including the Library, Special Collections & Archives, the Writing Center, and the Academic Performance Centers, provides the resources necessary to facilitate research and enhance the curriculum and programs of Dixie State University. Library & Learning Services delivers innovative services and opportunities, both of which promote and support learning and intellectual engagement for students, faculty, staff, and community.

Vision Statement

Dixie State University Library & Learning Services is central to the learning environment of DSU and is a welcoming destination for the discovery and creation of knowledge both physically and online. We will excel in offering expert guidance, valuable resources, and state of the art technologies. We will enhance students’ learning and will foster a welcoming atmosphere that encourages diversity, exploration, positive learning, and personal development.


We are committed to:

Holland Centennial Commons

Planning documents

Strategic Plan

Organizational Charts

The SWOT analysis of Library & Learning Services, 2018

Library & Learning Services Annual Report, 2017–2018

Writing Center Annual Report, 2017–2018

Priorities and Key Strategic Initiatives:

Priorities Key Strategic Initiatives
1. Embed Information Literacy into the Curriculum

Create modules or tool-kits for faculty integration into classes

Create research class focused on grad students/capstone classes

2. Expand Resources and Enhance Services

Expand tutoring services to online and remote locations

Build digital collections infrastructure

Provide leadership for OER on campus

Pursue PTRC designation

3. Remove Barriers to Access and Improve Efficiencies

Implement new circulation procedures with extended checkouts

Re-evaluate and revise internal policies, procedures, and guidelines

Redesign web pages for improved user experience and accessibility

Engage faculty in Learning Services