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Annual Juanita Brooks Lecture Series

2019 Richard Saunders
Dear Dale, Dear Juanita: Two Friends and the Contest for Truth, Fact, and Perspective in Mormon History
2018 William P. MacKinnon
Across the Desert in 1858: Thomas L. Kane’s Mediating Mission and the Mormon Women Who Made It Possible
2017 Gregory A. Prince
Leonard Arrington, Church Historian: Lessons Learned
2016 John A. Peterson
Brigham’s Bastion: “Winsor Castle” at Pipe Springs and Its Place in the Great Game
2015 Todd Compton
Slickrock Missions: Jacob Hamblin’s Communitarian Expeditions Across the Colorado
2014 Richard E. Turley, Jr.
Clash of the Legal Titans: The First Trial of John D. Lee
2013 Stephen L. Prince
Antone B. Prince: Washington County Sheriff, 1936 – 1954
2012 Charles S. Peterson
Hopeful Odyssey: Nels Anderson
2011 Douglas D. Alder
A Century of Dixie State College
2010 Edward Leo Lyman
Southern Paiute Relations with their Early Dixie Mormon Neighbors
2009 Glen M. Leonard
Revisiting the Massacre at Mountain Meadows
2008 Veda Tebbs Hale
Maurine Whipple & Her Joshua
2007 W. Paul Reeve
Utah’s Dixie: A View from Across the Cultural Divide
2006 Lowell C. “Ben” Bennion
A Bird’s-eye View of Erastus Snow’s St. George
2005 William A. (Bert) Wilson
Folklore of Dixie: Past and Present
2004 Jill Mulvay Derr
Mrs. Smith Goes To Washington—Eliza R. Snow Smith’s Visit to Southern Utah
2003 Dean L. May
St. George and the Dixieites: George A. Smith as “Father of the Southern Settlements”
2002 Robert H. Briggs
The Tragedy at Mountain Meadows Massacre: Toward a Consensus Account and Time Line
2001 Wayne K. Hinton
The Southern Utah Mission: New Views on Its Purpose and Accomplishments
2000 Ronald Walker
Young “Tony” Ivins: Dixie Frontiersman
1999 No lecture this year.
1998 Hartt Wixom
Jacob Hamblin: His Own Story
1997 No lecture this year.
1996 Douglas D. Alder and Karl Brooks
From Isolation to Destination: The History of Washington County
1995 C. Gregory Crampton and Steven K. Madsen
In Search of the Spanish Trail
1994 Thomas G. Alexander
An Apostle in Exile: Wilford Woodruff and the St. George Connection
1993 Leonard J. Arrington
St. George Tabernacle and Temple: The Builders
1992 Laurel Ulrich
The Significance of Trivia
1991 William A. Wilson
Juanita Brooks and Family Narratives
1990 Ken Driggs
Twentieth Century Polygamy and Fundamentalist Mormons in Southern Utah
1990 Larry Logue
St. George and Nineteenth-Century Polygamy
1989 Levi S. Peterson
The Saving Virtues, the Pardonable Vices of Juanita Brooks
1988 Allen D. Roberts
The Truth is the Most Important Thing: A Look at Mark W. Hofmann, the Mormon Salamander Man
1988 Linda Sillitoe
Behind Salamander: A Homespun Tragedy
1987 Jan Shipps
The Scattering of the Gathered and the Gathering of the Scattered: The Mormon Diaspora in the Mid-Twentieth Century
1986 No lecture this year.
1985 William Mulder
A Sense of Humus: Scandinavian Mormon Immigrant Humor
1984 Charles S. Peterson
“A Utah Moon”: Perceptions of Southern Utah