Special Collections

Special Collections Mission Statement

In accordance with the vision statement of Dixie State University and the mission of the Dixie State University Library, Special Collections serves the university, local community, and the state of Utah by collecting, preserving, providing access to, and interpreting primary source material on the culture and history of the university and local region, the geographically contiguous areas of Washington County, the Arizona Strip, and the Big Muddy region of Nevada. This includes oral histories, collections of local families and organizations, and books related to the regional culture, including polygamy. As Regional Repository for Washington County, Special Collections also acquires, preserves, and provides access to the records of local governmental entities in accordance with GRAMA and the Utah State Historical Records Advisory Board.

Special Collections Vision

The Special Collections of the Dixie State University Library seeks to provide adequate access to the collections in its stewardship in person and online where possible. In an effort to fulfill this vision, Special Collections preserves materials through approved archival methods to ensure continued availability and will implement a digitization program to enhance both preservation of materials and access by the university, local community, and researchers. As part of this vision, Special Collections hopes to assist and complement the teaching efforts of the Dixie State University faculty and the learning experience of the university’s students by providing access to and understanding of primary source materials. Special Collections will continue to develop its collection through donations and purchases where possible according to the guidelines laid out in the Acquisitions Policy.